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What is mobile gaming?

Mobile gaming encompasses games designed for smartphones, tablets and handheld game consoles, and represents the fasting growing and most lucrative segment of the total games market. With the rapid adoption of mobile and social based games, a broader spectrum of gamers is now playing games than ever before. These new demographics are shifting the stereotype of gamers, as well as the way games are designed, understood and played.

Why it’s a focus for us

With almost 5 billion mobile devices worldwide, mobile gaming is an open doorway to fan engagement and being able to interact with lovers of both sports and entertainment around the globe. Currently, mobile and console games comprise 39% of the total global games market, with estimates predicting it will surpass 50% market share by 2020. The average individual spends just over 4 hours a day on their mobile device, with a significant portion of this being in-app mobile games. Victory Square Technologies wants to help create fun and innovative titles that capture the imaginations of users, and in doing so create opportunities for in-app purchases and third-party advertising.