Canada’s Tech Scene Is Having A Moment: Pay Attention

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Canada has firmly arrived on the global tech stage. The success is anything but overnight, and its secret sauce — quality of life, deep talent pool, great governance — isn’t going away.

When the Covid-19 pandemic knocked the world online in March 2020, Greg Smith had an opportunity in front of him. He’d been quietly grinding away on Canada’s West Coast for eight years, building a platform to develop online course material. He had amassed a loyal following of users, assembled an excellent team, and developed a product that worked — allowing anyone to turn their special know-how, be it ballet or bookkeeping, into an online course.

Then the crisis happened and the world came knocking. Sign-ups skyrocketed, as out-of-work coaches, performers and teachers sought alternate revenue streams. The company recorded a 368% increase in new courses created just in the first two weeks of the pandemic. Smith’s technology, born in Canada, was suddenly in the global spotlight.

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