SD-WAN: Technology or Business Platform?: A Multapplied Blog

The latest in our series of Blogs from the Victory Square family comes from the team at Multapplied. Multapplied enables service providers to deliver hosted and cloud-based services, more effectively, while building strong recurring revenue streams and margins. For them, SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is the way of the future and they’ve provided us with an introduction for something that’s far more than just software.


SD-WAN is disrupting the communications industry by giving MSPs, ISPs, and the sophisticated IT director the power to deploy, monitor, and manage high-quality, high ROI business networks. SD-WAN provides the competitive edge Service Providers need to differentiate and compete with national and international telecoms.

However, SD-WAN is more than software. It is a platform to maximize your business’s potential. View it as a platform that allows you to sell and deliver more services, more effectively. Multapplied SD-WAN fits seamlessly into your product line-up as a delivery platform, so you can enhance your current services and support customer retention/acquisition, all while generating high revenue and margins.

As more of your customers’ business applications transition to the cloud, reliable internet connectivity is vital. Multapplied SD-WAN gives you reliability – it allows for seamless team collaboration in the cloud and enhances unified communications while cutting customers’ costs. In addition, we enable you to view and control the network end-to-end, over the top (OTT), regardless of which carrier is providing the physical connections. And most importantly, for Service Providers, Multapplied SD-WAN maximizes profits and margins by making your customers stick. Improved application performance at an affordable price allows you to build the loyalty of your customer base.

Simply put, SD-WAN resolves the issues related to quality, reach and support that XaaS Providers are commonly faced with when deploying service to their customers. SD-WAN maximizes the potential of VoIP, once thought of as a product where you needed to trade cost savings for a higher risk of dropped calls. SD-WAN also helps the organization that has multiple sites securely connected through an MPLS network, but due to infrastructure restrictions or cost, have some locations that are stuck on a proverbial island. And finally, SD-WAN helps the small business who wants to use today’s business applications, such as video conferencing or VoIP, to grow their business but can’t because the cost of dedicated fiber to their business is too high. SD-WAN allows you to connect employees and branch offices with affordable, redundant bandwidth.

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