Victory Square May 2021 Recap

Press Release

Victory Square reported a record fifth consecutive quarter with positive net income and earnings per share. Full Q1 2021 details can be found here.

We announced the launch of DiscreetCare, a full-service web app for the treatment of sensitive and delicate medical issues. Learn more about our new telehealth platform here.

We declared a special common share dividend of our interest in VST portfolio company Game On Entertainment Technologies. Details on how this relates to shareholders of VST can be found here.

We announced our latest corporate update at the end of May. Catch up with VST and what we’ve been up to here.

The latest appearance from VST CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani on Wall St Reporter covered the announcement of our 2020 year-end financials. You can watch the live stream archive here. You can also find appearances from VST COO Vahid Shababi this month in the WSR archives.

Shafin’s most recent interview with the team at Agoracom was a look at our 2020 year-end financials, you can watch the full chat here.

Zac Hartley’s look at Victory Square at our 2020 year-end financials has dropped. See what he had to say about the moves we’re making as we build the tech giants of tomorrow at the link here.

Shafin and Game On CEO Matt Bailey sat down with Diffusetap to talk about going public on a global scale. The archive of that conversation is now available as podcast here.

The team at Edge Investments sat down with Shafin to look at what we’ve got coming down the pipe. Take in the full interview here.

The latest edition of our In Conversation series was a sitdown with Covalent founder Ganesh Swami. We talk about traction in the crypto space and building a dream team here.


Congratulations to the team at GameOn who announced they would officially start trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange on June 1, 2021. All the listing details can be found here.

GameOn received conditional listing approval from the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol GET. Find out more about what that means here.

Hydreight released its Q1 2021 update, including highlights on business expansion, increased sales & rapid growth. You can see what they’ve been up to here.

Covalent has closed $10 million in a public sale of its CQT token on the distribution platform CoinList. They talk more about it here


Covalent announced the launch of the latest edition of their industry-leading data science campaign, Dungeons & Data. Running from May 13-31, there were over $15,000 in rewards. Dig deep into the data science here.

Confirming that they are everywhere these days, Covalent was even mentioned in an article in Vogue Business. See why they got the name drop here.

FansUnite announced they are launching a brand partnership with the team at Cash Live. The Cash Live mobile app will feature live-streamed FansUnite branded poker and casino games. Details are available here.

The team at Fans has also announced a licensing agreement with Money Line Sports. Find out what this means for both companies here.

FansUnite has engaged 76Capital Sports Advisory to assist them in advancing its sportsbook expansion platform in the United States, all the details can be found here.

FansUnite announced that their technology is now equipped to accept crypto deposit solutions for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more. You can find a breakdown of their new deposit options here.

Fans president Darius Eghdami was a guest on the podcast. Hear him talk about passion, success, and the correlation between the two here.

Crypto is the key to a fairer financial future, but we need to make it easier for people to understand and access. Sefton Fincham, president of VST portfolio company Cloud 9 Web3, explains how here in Entrepreneur.

A tip of the hat to the team at VST portfolio company Shape Immersive on being listed by Startus Insights as one of the companies developing the top Post-Covid solutions impacting retail. See why here.

There is no such thing as branch mesh in SD-WAN, Multapplied explains why here.

CoPilot AI’s latest knowledge drop is a look at how to overcome sales objections. Get the lowdown here.

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