Why Sex Tech Is the Overlooked Giant of the Wellness Industry

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There’s a new revolution happening in the tech world — one where systemic barriers are being smashed by women leading the way in an evolving wellness category.

As an investor with a decades-long track record in tech, I often marvel at the companies I’ve just missed out on. Last year, that feeling was sparked by Frances Tang, an Asian-American founder who created a product so simple, yet so smart that it forced my eyes open to a movement I’d been missing out on. Her company, Awkward Essentials, caught my eye after raising $2.3 million in seed funding for a feminine hygiene “dripstick.” The purpose of the product? After-sex cleanup.

As the company name implies, this isn’t a subject that’s been talked about frequently or openly in the past. Indeed, lingering taboos have long kept the sexual health and wellness industry in the dark and off the radar of mainstream investors. But that’s quickly changing.

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