Victory Square July 2020 Recap

VST CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani dug deep with Victory Square Health’s Felipe Peixoto in the latest edition of his #Founder15 interview series. Read the whole thing here.

Shafin also dug deep into how Canada is seizing the global innovation lead. Learn more here.

Victory Square Health CEO Felipe Peixoto was a featured guest on Vancouver’s Breakfast Television. You can watch the full piece here.

FansUnite and Askott Entertainment completed an up to $5.0 Million Brokered Private Placement Led by Canaccord Genuity. Find out more here.

A big shout out to Betakit for their coverage of FansUnite’s acquistion of Askott Entertainment. See their full piece here.

FansUnite announced that their subsidiary, McBookie, has shown strong betting growth during the pandemic. You can find out how much here.

FansUnite acquisition Askott Entertainment has been nominated for an eSports Betting Supplier award. See more here

Copilot AI dropped some knowledge on how sales organizations are scaling digital prospecting with AI during the pandemic. Read all about it here.

Copilot AI also laid out how to get more followers to your LinkedIn business page. Dig deep here.

Take a peek at this exclusive demo of how to take advantage of the solutions library from the team at Cloud Advisors.

Cloud Advisors announced updates to their software to improve the user experience. See more about that here.

Taloflow was featured on AWS’s Enterprise Strategy Blog. Check out the deep dive here.

Multapplied Networks announced the release of Multapplied 6.5, the latest version of their SDWAN technology. Learn more about what’s new here.

Shape Immersive was co-sponsor of another edition of the AR/VR focused Shape The Future panel.

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