Victory Square Technologies Portfolio Company, Immersive Tech, Announces the Creation of World’s First COVID-safe Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Virtual Reality (VR) Division “UNCONTAINED”

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  • Company launches first-ever COVID-safe location-based (LBE) Virtual Reality attractions division “UNCONTAINED” to disrupt the  marketplace and fulfill demand from its Family Entertainment Center (FEC) clients. 
  • Immersive Tech is planning for a public listing in the first half of 2021. 
  • Leading immersive experience company builds upon current and past relationships with major companies.
  • Announcement brings creation of the world’s first-ever free-roam interactive VR franchise attraction available for rapid sale to the global attraction and entertainment marketplace. 

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Victory Square Technologies Inc. (“VST”) (CSE:VST)  (OTC:VSQTF) (FWB:6F6), a company that provides investors access to a diverse portfolio of companies in key sectors including: digital health, gaming, blockchain, AR/VR, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, is pleased to announce that its portfolio company Immersive Tech (“Company”) has launched a premiere new Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) VR attractions division named UNCONTAINED to capitalize on the growing demand for COVID-safe attractions. UNCONTAINED will be the world’s first free-roam interactive VR franchise attraction, built for a COVID world within shipping containers. The experience will allow for up to six players to roam freely within the  container while interacting inside a digital environment as a team while making decisions that help guide and define the story. 

Immersive Tech designs, engineers and builds custom technology-driven experiences, whether they facilitate brand integration or are aiming to create the best real life adventure possible. The Company recently announced the creation of three unique entertainment escape rooms custom designed and built for Apex Entertainment’s new location in Virginia Beach VA, USA. The three custom room themes include an underwater submarine adventure, a post-war bunker experience, and an AI-controlled warship gone rogue featuring a race against time and a family-friendly focus. 

“UNCONTAINED” leverages the manner of design experience that Immersive Tech has gained and honed over the past four years in creating and launching highly successful interactive escape rooms for Family Entertainment Centers. This is complemented by a fundamental understanding of shipping containers as highlighted in their recent 3-room escape experience for Leaps by Bayer, a Bayer  Pharmaceutical company, in 2020. 

In this natural evolution, Immersive Tech, through UNCONTAINED, aims to excite and amaze with a truly focused and safe multiplayer experience designed for the uncertainty of our COVID-afflicted world. To add to this important facet, UNCONTAINED has been developed  for high scalability to assure its appeal for years and years ahead. Launching amidst COVID, the Company has designed the experience  from the ground-up to be COVID-safe and exceed all health and safety protocols. This starts with UNCONTAINED being an outdoor attraction, designed with surface disinfecting COVID UV lights, minimal touch with antimicrobial surfaces, disposable VR headset masks,  high air recirculation, and air scrubbing filtration. 

The UNCONTAINED experience takes free-roam arcade VR and elevates it to an entirely new level, with a full range of environmental haptic  feedback for a truly 5D experience. This is achieved through dynamic blasts of heat and cold, motion floors, environmental audio, and  physical interactions within an uncontained world. See the sneak peek here

Immersive Techs CEO Tim Bieber said, “The new UNCONTAINED VR experience is well-positioned with technology and clients to ‘fill the void’ left by ‘The VOID’ location-based VR attractions following its permanent closure in 2020. It’s unfortunate that ‘The VOID’ was unable to succeed in finding a sustainable business model and continue to innovate for the LBVR industry.” 

UNCONTAINED is the next strategic step to bring free-roam hyper-immersive VR experiences to a wider audience, backed further with a  scalable franchise business model. Bieber adds that “we see substantial opportunities for the Company through this product offering which  strategically places us on a path to rapid growth in 2021.” 

By utilizing the shipping container as an efficient platform, it allows for a standardized build, enabling mass production, easy transportation,  minimal setup time on location, and only occupies a maximum of 5 parking spots for Immersive Tech’s FEC operators located in malls,  parking facilities, fairgrounds, and other public high-traffic areas. With a standard interior, the UNCONTAINED interactive console can be updated with multiple new games per year which gives operators a fresh attraction for players every time they visit. 

VST CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani said, “Immersive Tech is an excellent example of how VST stays ahead of the curve and acquires true diamonds in the rough with an eye for creating value for shareholders. With the AR/VR entertainment industry poised to explode in 2021, we expect guests to be seeking new, exciting, and safe attractions that immerse one’s senses and provide unsurpassed memories and fun. The public wants to return to experienced-based attractions in a completely safe environment, and UNCONTAINED brings a solution that exceeds all safety protocols with fun, excitement, and memories as their focus.” Further to that, Tejani goes on to add, “the latest trends in the Family Entertainment Center market show VR attractions are leading the growth in the attraction market/industry worldwide.” 

About Immersive Tech 

As an industry leader in blending amusement park engineering and video game development, Immersive Tech has established strong  working relationships with top organizations including: Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Allegiant Airlines, Capital One, Scotia Bank, and the US  Food and Drug Administration among others for brand activations at events like X-Games, Boston HubWeek and more. Immersive Tech  has built highly sought after escape room experiences for some of the largest Family Entertainment groups globally including APEX Ent.  and Kalahari Resorts over the past four years. Immersive tech also operates the newly launched company UNCONTAINED, the world’s  first COVID-safe free-roam AR/VR shipping container Location-Based Entertainment franchise. For more info view the company’s latest highlight reel video or visit .

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The Canadian Securities Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved the contents of this news release and accepts no responsibility  for the adequacy or accuracy hereof. 

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